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Dylan Chord and Lyric Sites

Strummin' on my gay guitar - contains chords to live versions of a lot of songs, mostly from recent years. - The official site, with all the copyrighted lyrics and a very useful search function

"It's Not A House It's A Home"-Page - Exellent resource with transcriptions of the lyrics to a huge number of songs performed by Dylan, official songs as well as live performances, outtakes etc.

Bob Dylan Musical Roots and Influences - Lyrics (the site formerly known as "Roots, Routes and Ramblings") - If you're looking for lyrics to and background information about the songs Dylan has covered (and some he's written), mostly in the folksy direction, this is definitely the place for you. A very informative and well-structured site.

Words Fill My Head - Olof Bjrner has assembled lyrics to 119 songs where the recordings differ from the copyrighted lyrics, or where there simply are no official lyrics.

General Dylan Sites

Karl Erik Andersen's Bob Dylan - Expecting Rain. You probably know this one already. If you don't - go there and get to know it.

Bill Pagel's Bob Dylan - Bob Links. You probably know this one too - the ultimate link guide to all things Dylanic on the net. The site contains a collection of links concerning lyric and music analysis.

John Howell's Bringing it all back Home Page - the first Dylan site on the net. Still going strong.

Olof's Files - indispensable, both the yearly chroncles - overviews of Dylan's carreer, year by year- and the sessionography - all available details about his "sessions", which includes the concerts.

Eric Schoneveld's Bob Dylan Starting Point - a relatively new portal with links and news.

Or why not go to the official site - it's actually quite good, for an official site....

Church of Bob
"It started out as a joke, on people who take Dylan (e.g.) too seriously. When I realized that a lot of people think it is for real . . . – that's when I got really scared . . . ". What he said. . .

The Dylan Pool. The most vigorous Dylan community on the net. The core of the site is the Pool itself, where you can guess which songs Dylan will be playing during the next tour, but the message board and the chatroom is where you need to go if you want be updated on what's going on in the Dylan world, or just want to talk to someone likeminded.

Dylan Audio

If you're not content with playing yourself, but also want to hear Dylan do it, here are a few sites where you may find something:

General Tab Sites

TabRobot - this can be a very useful resource: you enter the name of a tune or an artist, and you get a list of all the sites that contain matching tab/chord files.

OLGA (-nutz) (The Online Guitar Archive). The OLGA phenomenon has seen some ups and downs for sure. Here's a mirror site that seems to work, for the time being, anyway.

RIFF RAFF - good resource with links to the most common bands/artists, but nothing on neither Johnny Cash nor Willie Nelson . . .

The Online Guitar College ( - quite a few links, but loads rather slowly. Has lots of other guitar resources, not only tabs.

Guitar Lessons & Tabs, Co. - Guitar Tablature Links - just a long list of uncommented links.

Harry's Blues Lyrics Online, Tabs & Chords page - very well organized page, with links to blues tabs at the various tab robots, Olga, etc.

Related Artists: Tabs

"If you like Bob Dylan, you will probably like . . . " (and if you know of any sites that belong here, please drop me a note):


The Band Exellent site, lots of info, generally good tabs (most of them, not all of them)
The Band Including a few bass and mandolin tabs.
The Beatles Heavy traffic on this site, which means that it's often down, but the tabs are generally good, once you get in.
Dan Bern "Well, I think in a way Bob Dylan was sort of the Dan Bern of the '60's."  Dan Bern said that... ( has the rest of the official lyrics, and the unofficial ones too)
Paul Brady Only two tabs yet, but they're nice.
Peter Stone Brown "The poet laureate of smalltalkatthewall, the guy who was Up against it, and then released it" etc.
Byrds and Roger McGuinn's own site; check out his Folk Den too
Johnny Cash All lyrics, no tabs
Johnny Cash 96 songs, mostly Cash, in a single word97-file.
Leonard Cohen Why is it that all Cohen sites have a black background?
Leonard Cohen
Grateful Dead exellent lyric site, with search facilities and thorough discography - or any -graphy you like. No chords, though . . .
Grateful Dead . . . but here are the chords.
Mississippi John Hurt Tabs to a lot of his songs; great as a practical tutorial to fingerpicking blues style.
John Lennon
Gordon Lightfoot
Joni Mitchell Great site! Accurate tabs to most of the songs by the Queen of alternate tunings.
Willie Nelson A few tabs, well done.
Phil Ochs Lyrics to almost all his songs, with chords to many of them
Tom Petty
Phish The Dylanchords of Phishdom, I've been told. Hope it's good site...
Paul Simon Comprehensive site with a lot of tabs
Paul Simon A general Simon site with some songs
Stefan Sundstrm The Swedish Bob Dylan, perhaps...?
The Wallflowers Dylan-related? Yeah, perhaps.
White Stripes Very thorough site with tabs to White Stripes, with information on playing technique and equipment as well. 
Neil Young Comprehensive site with tour info, lyrics/chords, and mostly everything else about Neil Young