In chronological order (approximately). Only songs that do not appear on official albums are listed here.


Early Acoustic Bob (More or less) Electric Bob, 1965–1975 Rolling Thunder Revue 1975–1976 1978 World Tour Gospel period, 1979–81 Studio outtakes, soundtracks etc. 1978–2003Live covers 1984–

Early Acoustic Bob

The Two Sisters (Karen Wallace Tape, May 1960)

Mary Ann (from the "Karen Wallace tape", 1960)

Jesus Met The Woman At The Well (Gleason Home Tape, Feb/March 1961)

Remember Me (When the Candle Lights are Gleaming) (Gleason Home Tape, Feb/March 1961)

James Alley Blues (Minnesota Party Tape, May 1961)

Red Rosey Bush (Minnesota Party Tape, May 1961)

Railroad Bill (Minnesota Party Tape, May 1961)

It's Hard To Be Blind (Minnesota Party and Hotel Tapes, May/Dec 1961)

Naomi Wise (Riverside Church, Jul 29, 1961)

Acne (Riverside Church, Jul 29, 1961, w/Ramblin' Jack Elliott)

The Gaslight Tapes

San Francisco Bay Blues (Gerde's Folk City, Sept 1961)

The Girl I Left Behind (Oscar Brand Show, Radio, 29 Oct 1961)

1913 Massacre (Carnegie Chapter Hall, Oct 4, 1961)

Young But Daily Growin' (Carnegie Chapter Hall, 4 Nov 1961)

In The Pines (Carnegie Chapter Hall, Nov 1961 and Toad's Place, Jan 1990)

In The Evening (Minnesota Hotel Tape, Dec 1961)

Dink's Song (Minnesota Hotel Tape, Dec 1961)

I Was Young When I Left Home (Minnesota Hotel Tape, Dec 1961)

Poor Lazarus (Minnesota Hotel Tape, Dec 1961)

Stealin' (var, early 1960s)

Ballad For A Friend (Leed Music demo, Jan 1962)

Standing On The Highway (Leed Music demo, Jan 1962)

Smokestack Lightning (Cynthia Gooding show, March 11, 1962)

Roll On John (Cynthia Gooding, Folksinger's Choice, Jan/March 1962)

Hard Travelin' (Cynthia Gooding, Folksinger's Choice, Jan/March 1962)

Long Time Man (Cynthia Gooding's Folksinger's Choice, Jan/March 1962)

The Ballad Of Donald White (various, 1962)

Tomorrow is a Long Time (Witmark demo 1962, Greatest Hits vol 2/In Concert, New Morning outtake 1970)

Deep Ellem Blues (live, Gerde's Folk City, NY, Apr 16, 1962)

Rocks and Gravel (Freewheelin' outtake, 1962)

Milk Cow's Calf Blues (Freewheelin' outtake, Apr 1962)

Going Down To New Orleans (Freewheelin' outtake, Apr 24, 1962)

Sally Girl (Freewheelin' outtake, Apr 1962)

Baby, Please Don't Go (Freewheelin' outtake, Apr 25, 1962)

Wichita Blues (Cynthia Gooding's Appartment, Feb/March 1962 and 2nd Freewheelin' session, Apr 25, 1962)

Lonesome Whistle Blues (Freewheelin' outtake, 1962)

The Death of Emmett Till (Freewheelin' outtake, 1962)

Whatcha Gonna Do? (Freewheelin' outtake, 1962)

Hero Blues (Freewheelin' outtake, 1962)

Hiram Hubbard (Finjan Club, July 1962)

Two Trains Running (Morganfield; Finjan Club, Montreal, July 2, 1962)

Motherless Children (Gaslight II, late Oct 1962)

Handsome Molly (Gaslight II, late Oct 1962)

Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird (Gaslight II, late Oct 1962)

West Texas (Gaslight II, late Oct 1962)

Ain't No More Cane (Gaslight II, late Oct 1962)

Kindhearted Woman Blues (Gaslight II, late Oct 1962)

Black Cross (Hezekiah Jones) (Gaslight III, late oct 1962)

Ballad of the Gliding Swan (Madhouse on Castle Street, Dec. 1962)

Liverpool Gal (manuscript from late 1962, no known version by Dylan)

Long Ago, Far Away (Witmark Demo, Nov, 1962)

Talkin' Devil (Broadside sessions, Jan 19, 1963)

All Over You (Witmark Demo, early 1963)

I'd Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day (Witmark Demo, early 1963)

Bound To Lose, Bound To Win (Witmark Demo, early 1963)

Back Door Blues (the "Banjo Tape" with Happy Traum, Feb 8 1963)

Lonesome River Edge (the "Banjo Tape" with Happy Traum, Feb 8 1963)

Farewell (Witmark demo/Times outtake, 1963)

Long Time Gone (Witmark Demo, March 1963)

Cuban Missile Crisis (Broadside sessions, March 1963)

Train A-Travelin’ (Broadside sessions, March 1963)

Wieviele Strassen (German version of Blowin' in the Wind)

I Rode Out One Morning (Fourth McKenzie tape, Apr 1963)

Ramblin' Down Through the World (W. Guthrie; NY Town Hall, Apr 12, 1963)

Hiding Too Long (NY Town Hall, Apr 12 1963)

Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag (NY Town Hall, Apr 12 1963)

Dusty Old Fairgrounds (Town Hall, NY, 12 Apr 1963)

Ain't A-Gonna Grieve (Witmark Demo, Aug 1963)

Gypsy Lou (Witmark Demo, Aug 1963)

Troubled and I don't Know Why (Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, NYC 17 Aug 1963)

Percy's Song (Carnegie Hall, New York City 26 Oct 1963)

Guess I'm Doin' Fine (Witmark Demo, Jan 1964)

If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Halloween show, 1964)

Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word (Joan Baez' version)

Lost Highway (Savoy Hotel, May 1965, from Don't Look Back)

(More or less) Electric Bob, 1965-1975

Positively 4th Street (Single, 1966)

Positively Van Gogh (Denver Hotel Room, March 13, 1966)

On A Rainy Afternoon/Does She Need Me?/I Can't Leave Her Behind (From Eat The Document, 1966)

What Kind Of Friend Is This? (Eat the Document, 1966)

The Basement Tapes outtakes

I Ain't Got No Home (Woody Guthrie Tribute concert, Jan 1968)

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt (Woody Guthrie Tribute concert, Jan 1968)

The Grand Coulee Dam (Woody Guthrie Tribute concert, Jan 1968)

Telephone Wire (George Harrison session, May 1, 1970)

George Jackson (single, 1971)

Vomit Express (w/Allen Ginsberg, 17 Nov, 1971)

Rock Me Mama (Pat Garret & Billy The Kid outtake, 1973)

"Climax Tobacco" (Pat Garret & Billy The Kid "outtake", 1973)

Abandoned Love ("Bitter end" version, 1975)

Rita May (Desire outtake, 1975)

Sign Language (written for Eric Clapton, relased on his album No Reason to Cry (1976)

Rolling Thunder Revue 1975-1976

People Get Ready (Renaldo & Clara version)

Dark As A Dungeon (Various, Rolling Thunder Revue I, 1975)

Never Let Me Go (Various, Rolling Thunder Revue I, 1975)

The Water Is Wide (Various, Rolling Thunder Revue I, 1975)

Railroad Boy (Various, Rolling Thunder Revue II, 1976)

Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) (Rolling Thunder II, 1976)

Vincent Van Gogh (Various, Rolling Thunder Revue II, 1976)

Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (live, Rolling Thunder Revue II, 1976)

Wild Mountain Thyme (duet with Joan Baez, Rolling Thunder Revues I+II, 1975-6)

Dink's Song (Rolling Thunder version w/Joan Baez, Apr 25, 1976)

Answerphone Message (Malibu, 1975)

1978 World Tour

Am I Your Stepchild? (Various, Fall tour 1978 )

She's Love Crazy (Various, Fall tour 1978)

Legionnaire's Disease (recorded by Billy Cross)

Gospel period, 1979-81

Trouble In Mind (B-side, singles from Slow Train Coming, 1979)

Blessed is the Name (var. 1979-80)

I Will Love Him (Toronto, Apr 19, 1980)

Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody (1980 tours)

Cover Down, Break Through (Spring 1980)

I Will Sing (Akron, Ohio May 18th, 1980; only performance)

Caribbean Wind (Fox Warfield, SF, Nov 12 1980)

City of Gold (unreleased, played live 1980-1981)

Let's Keep It Between Us (1980 tours)

Yonder Comes Sin (Shot of Love outtake, 1980)

Fever (Seattle, Nov 30, 1980)

We Just Disagree (Jim Krueger; Various locations, 1980-1981 tour)

Till I Get It Right (Sung by Regina McCrary during the 1980-81 gospel tour)

Walk Around Heaven All Day (Sung by Carolyn Dennis during the 1980-81 gospel tour)

Rise Again (1980-81 tour)

Abraham, Martin and John (1980-81)

Mary Of The Wild Moor (1980-81)

Let's Begin (by Jim Webb; 1981 tour)

Thief On The Cross (New Orleans, Nov 10 1981)


Studio outtakes, soundtracks etc. 1978–

Repossession Blues (1978 rehearsal tape)

Coming From the Heart (The Road is Long) (Street Legal outtake, 1978)

If I Don't Be There By Morning (written for Eric Clapton's album Backless, 1978)

Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (Infidels outtake and single B-side, 1983)

This Was My Love (Infidels outtake, 1983)

Julius and Ethel (Infidels outtake, 1983)

Almost Done (Verona rehearsal tape, May 1984)

Dirty Lies (Verona rehearsal tape, May 1984)

Freedom for the Stallion (1985 studio outtake)

To Fall In Love With You (Hearts of Fire outtake, aug 1986)

The Usual (from the film Hearts of Fire, 1987)

A Couple More Years (from the film Hearts of Fire, 1987)

Old Five And Dimer (outtake from the film Hearts Of Fire, 1987)

Night After Night (outtake from Hearts of Fire, 1987)

Go 'way Little Boy (Empire Burlesque outtake, 1985)

Band Of The Hand (soundtrack, 1986)

Pretty Boy Floyd (Folkways: A Vision Shared, Spring 1987)

Important Words (Down in the Groove outtake, 1987)

Steel Bars (co-written with Michael Bolton, who sung it on his album Time Love & Tenderness, 1991)

Miss the Mississippi and You (Bill Halley; Bromberg sessions, May/June 1992)

Kaatskill/Catskill Serenade (Bromberg; Bromberg sessions, early/mid June 1992)

Polly Vaughn (Bromberg Sessions, early/mid June 1992)

Sloppy Drunk (Rogers; Bromberg Sessions, early/mid June 1992)

You Belong To Me (Good As I Been To You outtake, from the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, 1994)

Any Way You Want Me (Sony Studios, Sept 30, 1994)

My Blue Eyed Jane (from the Jimmie Rodgers tribute album, 1997)

The Man in Me (From New Morning (1970); used for the soundtrack of The Big Lebowski, 1998)

The Lonesome River (by the Stanley Brothers, sung with Ralph Stanley, 1998)

Things Have Changed (Wonder Boys soundtrack, 2000)

Return To Me (Sopranos soundtrack, 2001)

I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind (from the Hank Williams tribute album Timeless, 2001)

Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache (from the Sun Records tribute album Good Rockin' Tonight (The Legacy of Sun Records), Oct 30 2001)

Waitin' For You (Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood soundtrack, 2002)

Cross The Green Mountain (Gods And Generals, soundtrack, 2003)

Diamond Joe (from Masked and Anonymous, 2003)

Dixie (from Masked and Anonymous, 2003)

Tell Ol’ Bill (from North Country, (2005)

Live covers 1984–

Enough is Enough (live, 1984)

Why do I have to choose? (Gothenburg, 1984)

We Had It All (1986 tour)

I'm Movin' On (Hank Snow; Tokyo, March 10, 1986)

Lucky Old Sun (var., 1986-2000)

We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) (live, 1986)

Lonesome Town (summer 1986)

Thank God (Chabad contribrution, June 1986)

Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache (summer 1986)

All My Tomorrows (July 1, 1986, Clarkston, Michigan. One-off)

Across the Borderline (Mountain View, CA, Aug 5 1986)

Soon (Gerschwin Gala, Mar 11, 1987)

Lakes of Pontchartrain (St Louis, Missouri, June 17 1988)

Eileen Aroon (St Louis, Missouri, June 17 1988)

Hallelujah (Montreal Jul 8, 1988)

I'll Be Around (Hollywood, CA, Aug 4, 1988)

Barbara Allen (NY, Oct 19 1988)

Wagoner's Lad (NY, Oct 19 1988)

I'm In The Mood For Love (live 1988/9)

Trail of the Buffalo (live 1988/1991)

You Don't Know Me (various locations, 1989-1991)

Hey La La (My true La La/My La La) (spring/summer 1989)

Peace in the Valley (Les Arènes, Frejus, France 13 June 1989, one-off)

Pancho and Lefty (June 21, 1989)

Crazy Love (duet with Van Morrison, June 27, 1989, Athens)

One Irish Rover (duet with Van Morrison, June 27, 1989, Athens)

Don't Pity Me (Joliette, Quebec, July 31 1989 (one-off)

The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff; Bonner Springs, 22 Aug, 1989)

Willin' (Lowell George, var. Never Ending Tour, 1990-2000)

In The Pines (Carnegie Chapter Hall, Nov 1961 and Toad's Place, Jan 1990)

Help Me Make It Through The Night (Toad's Place, Jan 1990)

I've Been All Around This World (Toad's Place, Jan 1990)

Confidential To Me (Toad's Place, 1990; Dayton OH, 1991)

Key To The Highway (Toad's Place, Jan 1990)

Old Rock 'n' Roller (Hamburg, 3 July 1990. Two performances only)

Stand By Me (Aug 28, 1990, Merrillville, Indiana. One-off)

Moon River (Merriville, In., Aug 27, 1990)

When First Unto This Country (June 1991)

People Putting People Down (Prine; Rome, June 6, 1991)

20/20 Vision (Austin, 25 October 1991. One-off)

Answer Me (a few performances, Fall 1991)

Black Muddy River (Apr 6, 1992)

Lady of Carlisle (Sydney, Apr 14, 1992)

Female Rambling Sailor (played live six times in 1992)

Golden Vanity (Waikiki, HI, Apr 24 1992)

Girl on the Green Briar Shore (live, 1992)

Farewell To The Gold (Youngstown, OH, Nov 2, 1992)

Little Moses (Milan, Italy, Jun 27 1993)

Weeping Willow (Supper Club, Nov 17, 1993)

The Lady Came From Baltimore (live 1994)

New Minglewood Blues (Århus, Denmark, 15 June 1996)

Shake Sugaree (E. Cotten; live 1996/7)

Cocaine (Gaslight II 1962/St Johns March 1 1997)

Viola Lee Blues (Sapporo, Japan, Feb 24 1997)

Not Fade Away (various locations, 1997-)

Stone Walls and Steel Bars (Beverly Hills, May 21 1997)

I'll Not Be A Stranger (twice, late 1997)

Roving Gambler (El Rey Theatre, LA, CA, Dec 17 1997)

White Dove (Various locations, 1997-2000)

Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie (Durham NH, 1997)

Friend of the Devil (Hunter/Garcia/Dawson)

I'm Not Supposed To Care (Gordon Lightfoot; may 1998)

The Times We've Known (Madison Square Garden, November 1 1998)

You're Too Late (Frizzell/Willis; Daytona Beach, 1999)

Train of Love (Johnny Cash Tribute, April 6, 1999)

Hallelujah, I'm Ready To Go (Various locations, 1999)

Somebody Touched Me (Various locations, fall 1999)

I am the Man, Thomas (Various locations, fall 1999)

Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior (Various locations, 1999-2000)

Rock of Ages (by Augustus Montague Toplady; since 1999)

A Satisfied Mind (Philadelphia, Nov 9, 1999)

Duncan And Brady (Durham, NH, Nov 17 1999)

Things Have Changed (Wonder Boys soundtrack, 2000)

This World Can't Stand Long (Anaheim, CA, March 10 2000)

Roving Blade (Reno, NV, March 17, 2000)

Long Black Veil (George, Washington, June 17, 2000)

Searching For A Soldier's Grave (Various locations, Summer/Fall 2000)

Blue Bonnet Girl (live, Bloomington, Indiana, Nov 1, 2000)

Humming Bird (played by Dylan Summer 2001; incl. John & Jack Anglin's version)

Wait For The Light To Shine (by Fred Rose, live, fall 2001)

Voice From On High (by Bill Monroe/Bessie Lee Mauldin. Hamburg, NY, Aug 15, 2002; incl. versions by Monroe and the Stanley Brothers.)

Accidentally Like A Martyr (by Warren Zevon. Fall 2002)

Boom Boom Mancini (by Warren Zevon. Fall 2002)

Mutineer (by Warren Zevon. Fall 2002)

Lawyers, Guns and Money (by Warren Zevon; Fall 2002)

Carrying a Torch (by Van Morrison; Fall 2002)

Old Man (by Neil Young; fall 2002)

The End Of The Innocence (by Henley/Hornsby; fall 2002)

A Change Is Gonna Come (28 March 2004, Apollo Theatre)

No More One More Time (Oct 13, 2004)