If You Belonged to Me

Written by Bob Dylan
Recorded in April 1990, during the second Traveling Wilburys sessions, and released on Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

I suggest a capo on the seventh fret to get the mandolin-like sound.

Capo 7th fret (sounding key D major)
G                  D      G
Waltzing round the room tonight
   C             D    G
In someone elses clothes
G                    D      G
You're always coming out of things
C               G    D
Smelling like a rose
    Em        /d#            /d       /c#
You hang your head, and your heart is filled
     /c      /b   Am
with so much misery
G        F        C         G
You'd be happy as you could be
   F     C         G
If you belonged to me
You say, "Lets go to the rodeo
And see some cowboy fall."
Sometimes it seems to me you've
Got no sympathy at all
You keep on going on and on about
how you're so free
You'd be happy as you could be
If you belonged to me
 It ain't easy to get to you.
But there must be some kind of a way
 If only to connect to you
G       D              C
For one moment of each day
Youre saying that you're all washed up
Got nothing else to give
Seems like you would've figured out
How long you have to live
You could feel like a baby again
sitting on your daddys knee
Oh how happy you could be
If you belonged to me
The guy you're with is a ruthless pimp
Everybody knows
Every cent he takes from you
Goes straight up his nose
You look so sad, you're going so mad,
any fool can see
You'd be happy as you could be
If you belonged to me