Man on the Street

Words by Bob Dylan, music traditional, from a northern song called “Young man who wouldn't hoe corn” (thanks to Andrea Baroni for notifying me)
Recorded Nov 22, 1961 (Bob Dylan sessions) and released on The Bootleg Series 1-3 (1991)
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

Bass pattern for the third and fourth lines:

  G                       Em
  :  .  .  .    :   .  .  .

The Witmark Demos version breaks off after the third verse (“Jesus Christ, I can't get it. I lost the verses.”).

G . . . Em G . . .

Well I'll sing you a song, ain't very long,    *|-----0---0-----------0---0-
                                Em*             |-----0---0-----------0---0-
'Bout an old man who never done wrong.          |-----0---0-----------0---0-
G                                               |-----2---2-----------2---2-
How he died nobody can say,                     |-------------0h2-----------
                                      Em*       |-0---------------0---------
They found him dead in the street one day.
Well, the crowd, they gathered one fine morn,
At the man whose clothes 'n' shoes were torn.
There on the sidewalk he did lay,
They stopped 'n' stared and they went their way.
Well, the p'liceman come and he looked around,
"Get up, old man, or I'm a-takin' you down."
He jabbed him once with his bully club,
the old man then rolled off the curb.
Well, he jabbed him again and loudly said:
"Call the wagon; this man is dead."
The wagon come, they loaded him in,
I never saw the man again.
I've sung you my song, it ain't very long,
'Bout an old man who never done wrong.
How he died no body could say,
They found him dead in the street one day.