We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)

D. Robertson, N. Cogane, S. Mysels
As performed by Bob Dylan Mar 10, 1986
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

Chords (only suggestions, of course):

G      355433
Eb7    x6564x
F#     244322
G#o    456464
D9     x00210
D7-9   x5454x or xx0542

   G                Eb7
We three, we're all alone,
G          (F# F) E
Living in a memory,
   Am       D(9)        G   G#o  Am   D(7-9)
My echo, my shadow, and me.
   G                  Eb      7
We three, we're not a crowd,
G             (F# F) E
We're not even company,
   Am       D           G     C/g   G   G7
My echo, my shadow, and me.

What good is the moon,

The silvery moon,
That shines above?
I walk with my shadow,

I talk with my echo
    D9                 D7
But where is the one I love?

   G                     Eb7
We three, we'll wait for you
G          F# F E
Even 'til eternity,
   Am       D7          G
My echo, my shadow, and me.