Blue Bonnet Girl

The tune was written by Glenn Spencer (copyright 1936), who was the brother of Tim Spencer of the Sons of the Pioneers, who recorded the best known version of the song (info confirmed by Glenn Spencer's daughter-in-law). Other recordings by Roy Rogers and Jimmie Davis.
Performed by Bob Dylan Nov 1, 2000 in Bloomington, Indiana.
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

The chords can be played as indicated in the tab of the intro, but it will only “work” if you have a bass player (the same goes for the a# in the bass at F#7; that chord is played xx4656). Otherwise, play the full 9th chords somewhere else. These are just suggestions:

F#m6    244242
B9       (2)24222
E        x79997 (in meas. 3 of the intro)
D#      x68886
G#9     xx6876
C#9     x46444
F#9     xx4654

The “Bb” chord in the bridge is shorthand for some kind of chromatic descent within the overall chord of B, such as

"Bb"    223332   (the 6th string should be sounding!)


      E           C#m          F#m6        B9            E           D#
      :     .     .     .      :     .     .     .       :     .     .     .
  G#9         C#9           F#9         B9            B9
  :     .     .     .       :     .     .     .       :     .     .     .
Blue Bonnet Girl,
  A     B      A  B    E
a Texas moon caressing you,
leaving her light
F#m         F#7(/a#)
soft as the night
B            E  B
deep in your eyes.

Blue Bonnet Girl,
    A        B        A   B   E
I'm sure the southern breezes too
call for a kiss
F#m       F#7(/a#)
you never miss
B          E
as they go by.
Soft as the springtime
gentle and sweet
True as the Alamo.
B                             F#
You'll have the world at your feet
             B   "Bb" B9
wherever you go.
And if the clouds
       A       B       A  B     E
should fail to let the sunshine through
leavin' me blue
F#m          F#7(/a#)
I'll come to you
B           E
Blue Bonnet Girl.

[Intro from 3rd to 5th measure, then E  B  E]