Written by Eric von Schmidt (probably – anyway, it's probably not what he considers his major contribution to humanity either, so he may be able to forgive me if the attribution is wrong)
Performed by Dylan and Ramblin' Jack Elliott at the Riverside Church, Jul 29 1961
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

The Do-wap thing is Elliott's assigned role throughout the song.
Things get a little out of hand towards the end of the song; I've indicated the chords in the third verse

C . . . Am . . . F . . . G      rep. ad lib.
C . . . Am . . . F . . .

Do wop, do wop,

Do do do wop, do do do wop,
Do do do wop, do do do wop,
Do do do wop, do do do wop,
Do do do wa, ah
[two more rounds in the same manner]
 You say you'd ask me,
 You said you'd ask me,
 You said you'd ask me
 To the senior prom. [Elliott: "Say something!"]

Found out I had acne,
Now you won't ask me,
'Cause I have acne,
To the senior prom, Oooh...

C . .        .
    Get me a shotgun
Am . . .         F     . . .
      Twenty-two rocket
G  .             .        .
 I got it for my birthday

I'll kill my parents
'Cause they don't understand,
They don't think it to major at all